About finance

How to avoid complicating your life with Payconiq

Paying with your smartphone has never been easier!

The time spent calculating your share at bill time, the wallet slipping out of your hands with all the nickels and dimes scattered on the floor, the forgotten reimbursements because you're too embarrassed to remind your friends - and vice versa -, the account number you never have handy when you need to pay a bill... the list goes on, but what do all these things have in common? Well, that was before Payconiq came along. Now, paying might still not necessarily be the most pleasant act but in any case much simpler and faster. With the R-Payconiq application you can:


Transfer money

You no longer need cash to pay back your friends. Simply send money using the recipient's mobile phone number: the money is transferred by bank transfer from your account to the recipient's.


Asking for money

You don't have to break off friendships anymore because Lisa keeps forgetting to pay you back for her strawberry juice. Send her a money request with a nice message


Pay online

You no longer need to enter your bank details to pay online or in the apps. For e-commerce, scan the Payconiq QR code to pay and in the apps, choose Payconiq as your payment method: it's easy and secure!


Pay your bills

Scan the Payconiq QR code to pay your bills in 6 seconds: You no longer need to enter the references, the amount and the beneficiary of the invoice.


Pay in restaurants and shops

Pay contactless. Scan the Payconiq QR code on your ticket or on the sticker with your app: paying has never been easier!


Download the R-Payconiq app in the Apple Store or on Google Play and simply pay mobile.