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Start your student life well prepared with a state-guaranteed student loan

You've finished your A-levels and decided to go to university. But how are you going to finance it all? Apply for your student loan now via your online bank R-Net. Banking has never been so quick and easy!

The time has finally come! You can apply for your student loan for the winter semester 2023-2024 in just a few steps via your online banking app, R-Net. Goodbye paperwork! From now on, you can use your smartphone to process your entire application digitally! You save time and can focus on other important preparations related to your studies.

We will now explain how you can apply for your student loan via R-Net.


Step by step guide to applying for your first student loan


Step 1: Fill in the form

The first step will take you to the MyGuichet.lu website, where you will have to fill in the application form for state student aid (AideFi). You can apply without or with authentication. However, for an application with authentication, you need a LuxTrust product or an electronic identity card (eID).

You can find more information about AideFi, the criteria and the deadlines here.

Step 2: Approval letter and certificate for the bank

As soon as your application for a study grant has been processed, you will receive an approval letter from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR). This letter states the amount of the first instalment of the approved scholarship and loan for the current academic year. The approval letter will be accompanied by a certificate for the bank printed on tamper-proof yellow paper.

Attention: Do not lose this certificate, because the Ministry will not issue a copy of this document!

Step 3: Apply for your student loan online

Let’s move to the online application process for your student loan. As a Raiffeisen customer, you need access to the online banking app R-Net in order to submit your digital application. If you have not yet concluded an R-Net contract, please contact your Raiffeisen advisor.

You will also need:

- the approval letter from the Ministry. This contains a QR code that you scan using your R-Net app to start your application for a state-guaranteed student loan.

- your national identification number (CNS number)

- your LuxTrust device to sign at the end of the process


Perhaps you don't have LuxTrust Mobile yet?

Take a look at our LuxTrust Mobile activation guide here 


Once you have everything ready, you are ready to go! The process takes about 10 minutes.

After you have signed your online application with your LuxTrust device, your student loan will be paid into the account you have selected shortly.

Check out our tutorial that walks you through the process step by step.

Click here for the R-Net tutorial 


You are already a student and would like to request an additional instalment?

Click here for more information 


Our gift to you

Your trust will be rewarded!

When you sign a student loan with us, we give you 1,000 OPERA points, which can be exchanged for cinema tickets, for example.

In addition, every first student loan application comes with a free voucher worth €150! You can decide for yourself whether you prefer a Letzshop or Cactus voucher, or whether you would rather invest the money in microfinance and sustainable development*.

*This is neither a recommendation nor investment advice.


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