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New: apply easily for an additional instalment of your student loan via your R-Net app!

Did you know that as of this summer you can apply for the instalments for your state-guaranteed student loan online? You can now complete the entire process using your R-Net app!

How do I apply for an additional instalment?

If you have already applied for a state-guaranteed student loan in the past, you can now request a new instalment for the coming semester in your R-Net app in just a few steps.

To apply for your grant through R-Net, all you need is the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR) approval letter and your LuxTrust device to sign the supplementary contract through the R-Net app. The letter from the Ministry contains a QR code that you scan using your R-Net app to start the online application. The additional instalment will then be added to your existing student loan and the new total amount will appear in your R-Net online banking account.

We have summarised the most important steps for new students who want to submit their first application for a state-guaranteed student loan in this article.


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No reason for (money) worries - discover our Green Code Study offers

In addition to student grants from the State, Raiffeisen offers you the following two options*:

  • A loan of up to €3,000 at an interest rate of 0%, which serves as an advance on the state-guaranteed student loan. This way, you can have peace of mind while you wait for your state-guaranteed student loan to be granted, but you already want to make your first purchases, or you have to pay the rent for your student flat.
  • The Green Code Study PLUS supplementary loan up to €15,000 (paid out in annual instalments of €2,500 over 6 years) at a particularly attractive interest rate.

Whether you choose a state-guaranteed student loan alone or combine it with a Study PLUS loan, both options allow you to repay the loan worry-free at the end of your studies.

*Subject to acceptance of your application


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