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Äddi Token, welcome LuxTrustMobile

You may not be aware of it yet, but the LuxTrust Token is bound to disapear. If this information might have gone unnoticed, the end of the sacrosanct Token may, for some, change some habits. 

In this article: 
- A look back at the iconic Token
- How is LuxTrust Mobile more convenient and secured ? 
- How to migrate to LuxTrust Mobile ?  

The LuxTrust Token, wat ass dat? 

Among the pioneers in the development of a digital authentication service, the Luxembourg government wanted to guarantee the security of the digital identity of the country's companies and population. It is in this context that LuxTrust was born, and then the Token.

Created in 2008, this small object no bigger than a key ring generates and displays a unique code valid only once (OTP - One Time Password) that allows you to authenticate yourself online to different services, or to electronically sign some electronic documents. You use it every day to connect and sign your web banking operations on R-Net for example, but it is also possible to use it to connect securely to MyGuichet.lu for your administrative procedures. Allowing a strong, simple and fast authentication, the Token is quickly adopted by all banks and other administrative institutions in the country.

Many other banks across Europe have similar means of authenticating and signing online banking transactions, such as the "Card Reader" found at AIB, Bank of Scotland or ING for example. But these devices are limited to banking transactions.

Even more security with your smartphone and LuxTrust Mobile

Some will agree that the Token is from another time, and rightly so. Today's digital technologies guarantee an even higher level of security. The Token's OTP is replaced by an automatic digital process and the use of biometric data (fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, etc.) made possible by our smartphones further increases the protection of our data. In addition to the intrinsic features, and not to mention the convenience of not having to carry (or lose) your Token, it is the security features that evolve with LuxTrust Mobile: view a pending banking transaction, consult your certificate data, change your PIN or access technical support, all at a glance.

How to activate LuxTrust Mobile and get rid of the Token? 

For the less tech-savvy among us, changing our habits to go all digital can be scary. 
At Banque Raiffeisen, we have designed a clear and simple guide to take you step by step through the activation of LuxTrust Mobile. Whether you are already a Raiffeisen client and have a Token or a new client with no knowledge of LuxTrust products, we are at your side every step of the way.
Download the guide right here or check out our tutorial video!
Do you need help? If you are experiencing difficulties, are not sure where to start, or lack certain information (password, UserID, etc.), our teams will be happy to assist you by phone: +352 2450 2000.
If you have any technical questions, LuxTrust's customer service team is also at your disposal: +352 24 550 550.
So... Convinced? #ÄddiToken!

Download the LuxTrust Mobile activation guide

Download the guide