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Let’s talk savings: which assets are really profitable?

When people hear the word "savings", many of them immediately think of a standard savings account. But is this still as profitable as it used to be, or maybe now there’s a more lucrative alternative for saving money? 

This article informs you about what savings options are available to provide for your future or that of your children.

Whether it's to build up capital, to cover unexpected requirements or for the future of your offspring, opening a savings account is still advisable.


Savings with that little extra

With our R-TOP savings account, you can build up savings without any risk.

You save at your own pace and receive a preferential interest rate for each new eligible contribution saved under a special offer.

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How can you benefit from our R-TOP special offers?

  1. Open an R-TOP savings account with a Raiffeisen advisor or, if you are already a customer with us, open the account easily through your R-Net online banking tool.
  2. Deposit money into your R-TOP savings account during the subscription period
    and automatically participate in the offer up to the eligible amounts (maximum of €250,000 per offer and person). The subscription periods will be announced by the bank during the year.
  3. Amounts paid in during the subscription period will earn at a preferential interest rate during the bonus period.


Save for the future of your children

Green Code Kids - a risk-free funds reserve

As parents, you want to prepare and facilitate your children's path to adulthood as best you can.

A Green Code Kids savings account can be opened at the birth of your child and then remains open until your child's 18th birthday. This means you can start investing capital for your children early.

Flexibility - there is no minimum deposit. You are free to decide whether you put money into the savings account regularly, i.e. set up a permanent transfer, or make occasional deposits into the account.

In addition, our Green Code Kids offer has a more advantageous interest rate and no account management fees. Green Code Kids is the ideal solution to support your child's future needs and projects, such as studies, furniture for their first flat or starting out in professional life.


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R-Junior Insurance

Set up an investment, protect your children and reduce your tax burden at the same time?

You can get it all with R-Junior!

In principle, R-Junior works like a life insurance policy.

You pay in regular premiums of at least €50 monthly for a minimum of 10 years and get the accrued capital paid out on a fixed date.

On the one hand you build up capital, on the other your family has an insurance cover in the event of your death.

With R-Junior, a policyholder can freely designate a beneficiary at the end of the contract period or in the event of death. The contract can be set up for one or two insured persons.

In addition, you reduce your tax burden with R-Junior. You can deduct up to €672 per year for each person in the household.


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R-PlanInvest - a combination of investment, setting aside provisions and savings

An alternative to a savings account is the long-term investment of capital. With R-PlanInvest you can invest money today for your future projects and those of your children.

More specifically, it is an investment plan that allows you to invest in mutual funds (SICAVs). You remain flexible and manage your risks according to your investor profile.

Your advantages:

  • Advantageous tax treatment
  • Build up capital
  • Flexibility and personalised customisation options
  • Diverse options for funds, including ESG funds
  • Available from a minimum deposit of €50
  • Much more!


Discover all the advantages of R-PlanInvest 


No matter what you decide, our advisors will be happy to assist you in finding the solution that best suits your goals.




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