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How to boost the return on your savings?

Are you looking for a higher return than those offered by traditional savings solutions? Well, the with R-TOP savings account dynamize your savings in another way!

In concrete terms, what is the big difference between the R-TOP savings account and other savings solutions?

The principle is quite simple! Your savings are paid continuously at a base rate paid on all deposit holdings in your account. Each new injection of funds, made during a promotional offer and during the given subscription period, will benefit from additional remuneration on this injection of funds. Good news, right?



R-TOP is safe, advantageous, flexible and accessible!

The new R-TOP savings account allows you to put money aside and to have a precautionary savings! A new form of savings account that guarantees you:

  • safe investment
  • An attractive remuneration on your newly deposited funds at Raiffeisen, thanks to special offers
  • Flexibility - your money remains available at all time! Your money is at your disposal whenever you need it, without any penalty.
  • Accessibility - the R-TOP savings account is suitable for all types of profiles since no minimum amount is required!

Need more information about the new R-TOP savings account? Feel free to visit our website www.raiffeisen.lu or to contact one of our advisers in the Raiffeisen branch of your choice.


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