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Tax declaration - optimize like a pro!

You still have some time left before having to deal with the annoying topic of tax return. Ideally, you are already thinking about it, so that you can get the best result for yourself. Here are some tips on tax optimization.

Tax return – a topic most people are reluctant to deal with. However, if you think about it in time and plan ahead, you can save a lot of money.

You may benefit from substantial tax benefits by saving through life insurance policies, pensions or a home savings plan.

The legislator wishes to encourage people to build up financial reserves, so that they can protect relatives, supplement their retirement income or take steps towards the acquisition of a home.

There are a lot of possibilities to benefit from tax reductions. To help you find your way around, here is an overview of the most common tax-subsidized financial products.


Home loan savings contract

Situation ≤ 40  years: Max. deductible amount per year

> 40  years: Max. deductible amount per year

Single, without children

1344 EUR 672 EUR
Single, with 1 child 2688 EUR 1344 EUR
Couple, without children 2688 EUR 1344 EUR
Couple, with 1 child 4032 EUR 2016 EUR
Couple, with 2 children 5376 EUR 2688 EUR
Couple, with 3 children 6720 EUR 3360 EUR
Additional children 1344 EUR per addiitional child 672 EUR per additional child




With a home loan savings contract you not only save for future home ownership, but can also benefit from the tax incentives that come with this kind of investment. Thanks to your home savings account, you will be entitled to a housing loan at a preferential, fixed rate.

With your income tax return you can deduct the deposits into a home savings plan as special expenses. Every year a fixed amount per person in the household can be deducted from the taxable income. (This amount is EUR 1,344 / year for persons under 40 years and EUR 672 / year for persons over 40).

Find out more about the home savings contract here.



Insurance premiums

Situation Annual deductible ammound
Single without children 672 EUR
Single with 1 child 1344 EUR
Couple without children 1344 EUR
Couple with 1 child 2016 EUR
Couple with 2 children 2688 EUR
Couple with 3 children 3360 EUR
Additional child 672 EUR per child
N.B.: the upper limits refer to the total of a ll deductible insurance premiums.



The premiums of certain insurance policies are deductible from income tax. These are primarily life, accident, invalidity, health and liability insurance.

With life insurance you build up capital by paying in regularly and secure your relatives in the event of death at the same time.

Find out more about life insurance R-Vie Protect from Raiffeisen.

You are a parent and want to set up a savings plan for your child while reducing your tax burden? Then you should think about combining the key aspects of security and savings. How about the R-Junior insurance and savings account from Raiffeisen, for example?

Once again, the allowance is fixed at € 672 per year per person in the household,  however, in this case, it is independent of the age of the insured.

The maximum deductible amount includes both the sum of the deductible insurance premiums and the interest on the consumer loans.



Pension contracts

Situation Annual deductible ammound
Single without children 3200 EUR
Single with 1 child 3200 EUR
Couple without children 6400 EUR
Couple with 1 child 6400 EUR
Couple with 2 children 6400 EUR

Planning your future is something you should start doing now. Think about your pension and supplementary pension insurance today, because you will not only benefit from your savings once you retire, but you can reduce your taxable income by € 3,200 as of today, regardless of your age.

This will not only allow you to enjoy your retirement to the fullest, but at the same time, you are rewarded for planning in advance.

More about the R-Pension and R-Vie Pension  insurance plans by Raiffeisen.


There are many ways to save taxes, so get informed in time!

Our employees will gladly advise you on your tax deduction options.  


Little recap

Product deductible amount per year
Home loan savings contract

≤ 40  years: 1.344 EUR per household 

> 40  years: 672 EUR per household

R-Pension/ R-Vie Pension 3.200 EUR for all ages
R-Junior oder R-Vie Protect 672 EUR per household


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