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4 tips on getting financial aid for the sustainable renovation of your home

You’ve recently inherited a house, bought an older home, or decided to renovate the place that you’re currently living in, but you’re not sure how to finance the renovation of your home? This article gives you precious advice.

This article in a nutshell : 

  1. Why renovate your home?
  2. Klimabonus – renovating subsidies
  3. Municipal grants
  4. Personal loan 


Why renovate your home ? 

An upcoming renovation can have several reasons and benefits, both if you’re living in a house or flat. When looking at it from a sustainability point of view, home improvement can reduce noise, save you money on heating costs and protect from rodents or insects, making for an overall improvement of living conditions. If you’re unsure about which aids you can access, or where to start with your renovations, the following points are going to answer your most pressing questions. 

1. Klimabonus - renovating subsidies with Klima-Agence

The Klimabonus subsidy for renovation is available for residential buildings older than 10 years. With recent changes, applying for the super-reduced VAT rate of 3% has become accessible for sustainable energy renovation measures for buildings of a minimum age of 10 years, a 10-year reduction to former requirements. If you’re unsure about which aids you can apply for, an energy advisor will assist you in the process.

Important: the application for financial aid must be submitted before the work is carried out. The payout, however, can only be requested once the work has been completed.

Available subsidies:

1/ Insulation : renewing your external wall insulation or roof insulation reduces your heating costs, noise from outside or neighbours and keeps unwelcome guest from taking up residence.

2/ Window replacement : replacing old windows offers similar advantages to renewing your insulation: it enhances the security of your real estate, reduces noise, and improves energy efficiency, while increasing its value.

Subsidy simulator

2. Heating & electricity production with renewable energies

Klima-Agence isn’t just renovation subsidies. Throw out the old oil tank! With eleven different heating Klimabonuses, you can choose between various sustainable alternatives to heating, such as geothermal heat pumps or photovoltaic systems.

Subsidies for new heating technology

3. Municipal grants

Some municipalities may offer additional grants for your home renovation project. These grants are also listed on the Klimabonus subsidy simulator, however the easiest and fastest way to find out which municipal grants you can make use of is to call your municipality. As with other grants, you should consider this before starting your project.

Since most constructions, transformations and other modifications are subject to a building permit or declaration of work, getting in touch with your municipality is the way to go.

4. R-Eco personal loan 

Instead of relying on savings, you might wish to take out a small personal loan. What are the advantages of taking out a loan for the renovation of your home? Our R-Eco personal loan is set at an advantageous fixed interest rate and reimbursed at a fixed-rate payment. Furthermore, annual interest charges are tax deductible up to the amount of 672€* per person in your household. Loans can be taken out between the amounts of €5,000 to €50,000 for a duration of 12 to 60 months.

For more information on the R-Eco personal loan, our new Hub of Home in Kirchberg acts as a one-stop shop for advice on anything related to your home project. Our advisors are specialised in housing and advise you on procedures, financing, and insurance of your real estate project.

Personal loan simulator

Hub of Home @ Kirchberg - 100% dedicated to housing loans and the real estate eco-system.


Remember : 

- All grants, subsidies & loans must be requested before beginning any work;
- You might be able to cumulate certain aids, but in some instances, you could benefit from splitting up the renovation over a set time period (Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?);
- Get an appointment or just walk in – the specialised advisors in our Hub of Home are there to help.
*The total deductible limit covers all deductible insurance premiums plus interest expenses on personal loans.

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