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Arriving in Luxembourg, the steps to follow

You are a foreigner and you want to move to Luxembourg? Then, do not forget to complete the formalities related to the entry and the residence in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Declare your arrival in Luxembourg

It’s done! You made your choice, you are moving to Luxembourg! You have already found a home, your boxes are packed ... you will just have to complete the various administrative procedures, which can sometimes seem a bit complex, you have to admit!

The priority formalities to be completed upon your arrival in Luxembourg are the following:

If you are from an EU country, you have to present:

  • A valid identity card or passport (accompanied, if possible, by the required visa or a residence permit issued by another EU country)
  • Your family book if you have one, or your marriage certificate and the birth certificates of your children
  • It could be that other papers may be requested, you'll find some further advice by contacting the competent local authority or on www.guichet.lu

If you are coming from a country outside of the UE zone:

  • You have to file a registration statement as a citizen of the European Union or of an assimilated country! This form is available on guichet.lu
  • Check with the Luxembourg Embassy in your country or verify at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg what papers exactly you’ll have to introduce.
  • And above all, make sure your ID papers are valid (identity card or passport according to your country of origin) and secure yourself a visa or a residence permit prior to your arrival
  • Your family book if you have one, or your marriage certificate and the birth certificates of your children



What are the key organizations to contact?

Upon your arrival, you will need to contact government agencies or official organizations, including:

  • The National Health Fund (Caisse Nationale de Santé) via the inscription form
  • The Direct Tax Department (Administration des Contributions Directes) to obtain a new tax card

Open your bank account

When you arrive in your new country of residence, another important thing to undertake is often to open a bank account for your day-to-day financial transactions.

Well, it’s needless to say: In Luxembourg, it is not the banks that are missing! So, depending on your needs in banking services and products, you will have the choice between different types of banks:

  • A subsidiary of an international bank
  • A local bank
  • And on-line banking

Once you made your choice, you can proceed to the opening of your bank account. For this you’ll simply need:

  • To hand in your residence certificate at the bank
  • To present your ID card or passport
  • However, it is possible that the bank may request information on your employer or the source of your funds. Furthermore, the presentation of your payslips for the subscription to a payment card or a credit card linked to your account may be required.

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Register your car

If you want to bring your car to Luxembourg, you will have register it at the SNCA within a period of six months from the date of your arrival onwards.

Declare your pet

And last but not least, if your family includes some hairy friends … do not forget the formalities that come with the pet’s registration.

In case you own a dog, think of identifying and registering your dog with your municipality.

For other animals, don’t forget that the vaccine booklets must comply with the regulations that are in force in Luxembourg.


Well, now that all these formalities are met, you  can commit yourself in discovering your new host country, its traditions and culture! 

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