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How do I finance my new electric car? (Part 2)

At first glance, it seems that electric cars are much more expensive than combustion cars. Although it is true that e-cars currently have higher purchase costs, with an electric car you save money on other levels.

This article informs you about the financial solutions for your environmentally friendly project.

As a matter of fact, the higher the range and performance of the e-car, the higher its price. However, you save money on taxes, insurance, and maintenance. An electric car is cheaper to maintain because it does not have wearing parts such as a clutch, fuel system or exhaust system.

Electric car drivers can also save money in terms of taxes. To counteract climate change, a CO2 tax was introduced in 2021, which will be gradually increased in the following years. For 2023, this tax has been set at €30 per tonne of CO2 emitted. Fully electric cars get off more cheaply. E-car users in Luxembourg pay a fixed amount of €30 per year.

Home charging station project

Fill up at home? No problem with an electric car! The Luxembourg government offers a premium for charging stations so that you can recharge your batteries at home. You may even have a photovoltaic system, in which case you can use your self-generated electricity for charging. To be eligible for the state aid for charging stations, the investment must have been made between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2023 inclusive. If your application is accepted, you will receive a refund of 50% of the costs for the purchase and installation of the charging station (excluding VAT) from the state. The exact amount of the subsidy depends on the type of building where the charging station will be installed.


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State aid for electric cars extended until March 2024

In order to promote electric mobility in Luxembourg and make mobility more sustainable, the government has extended the premium for e-cars until 31 March 2024. The subsidy amounts to a maximum of €8,000 and applies exclusively to electric vehicles and hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. Plug-in electric cars have not been eligible for the aid since the end of 2021.

With the Klima-Agence simulator, you can easily find out which Klimabonus subsidies are available for the purchase of your new electric car or for the installation of your own charging station.

The personal loan for your environmentally friendly project: R-Eco

Have you been thinking about buying an e-car for a while? Finance your new car with zero or low CO2 emissions with the R-Eco personal loan and get our special conditions just in time for the Autofestival from 23 January to 15 February 2023.


Your advantages:

  • An even more attractive fixed interest rate
  • Annual interest charges are deductible from your taxable income for up to €672* per person in your household.
    *The total deductible limit covers all deductible insurance premiums plus interest expenses on personal loans.
  • The outstanding amount can be covered by an insurance policy
  • No administrative fees between 16 January and 15 February 2023!


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