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Secure your online purchases with LuxTrust!

Whether you want to make purchases via mobile applications, manage your bank accounts via your online bank or take on any other online administrative process, LuxTrust guarantees optimal security!

Let's start at the beginning... Why do you need a LuxTrust certificate?

Say it's your best friend's birthday soon and you found a special edition of her favorite comic book on a website. It's beautiful! Just two clicks and you add the comic book to your cart and proceed to purchase with your credit card.

Weeks go by but the gift is never delivered and then you find that the site was fraudulent!

This is where LuxTrust's 3D Secure online validation can help. The 3D Secure service was set up to prevent fraudulent credit card payments made without the actual presence of the card (e.g., stolen card numbers) and to ensure that the card is being used by the actual cardholder during each online payment.

LuxTrust was set up in 2005 on the joint initiative of the Luxembourg government and several banks to provide several solutions for guaranteeing secure transactions of individuals and companies on the web.


Access public services online

LuxTrust offers a strong authentication service that allows any individual to identify themselves in a secure manner when making a purchase or completing an administrative procedure online. This proves practical and even crucial when you want to fill in your tax return or download your residence certificate on MyGuichet.lu, for example.

1. Validate your online payments with 3D Secure

In combination with 3D Secure technology, you can use LuxTrust allows to secure your online payments and validate your purchases. After all, you don't want someone else to buy socks on the web with your money! If you have an active R-Net agreement, 3D Secure will be automatically activated with your token.

2. Sign your documents electronically

Convenient and better for the planet, sign your documents or contracts wherever you are, on your tablet or cell phone. The LuxTrust electronic signature has the same value as your handwritten signature.

3. Manage your banking operations in complete security

Thanks to LuxTrust, you have access to your R-Net online banking, which you use to easily perform all your banking transactions at any time.

How to obtain a LuxTrust certificate?

Contact your Raiffeisen advisor who will take all the necessary steps for you. You will then receive your LuxTrust Signing Server Token free of charge. 3D Secure is automatically activated for your credit cards when you activate your R-Net contract.


Switch to mobile mode 


From now on, instead of using your Token, take advantage of LuxTrust Mobile and validate all your purchases or online procedures directly via your smartphone!