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Off to university with the government-guaranteed student loan

The holidays are coming to an end and it's time to start preparing for the new school year. Hello, unif, hot christenings, but first we have to deal with the paperwork. 

The government-guaranteed scholarship and student loan

From this year onwards, applications for financial aid are made entirely online via MyGuichet. How convenient!

The financial aid granted by the Luxembourg State is paid in two half-yearly instalments. It consists of several grants (basic grant, grant on social criteria and family grant) which can be cumulated and a student loan.


Please note the deadlines! For the winter semester, you can submit your application from
2 August 2021 to 30 November 2021. For the summer semester, you have time between
3 January 2022 and 30 April 2022.


This way to apply for the financial aid 


Once you have submitted your application and your file has been accepted, you will receive a certificate - to be kept as the apple of your eye, as the Financial Aid Department does not issue a copy in case of loss - with which you can, if you wish, go to your bank to apply for a government-guaranteed student loan.

The government-guaranteed loan terms and conditions

While the student loan is optional, it can provide some day-to-day comfort and allow you to make the most of your student life.

The student loan amounts to €6,500 (i.e. €3,250 per semester) and is guaranteed by the State at a fixed rate of 2%, which means that even if the rates increase this will have no impact on your loan because the State will cover the difference.

Have you finished your studies but not yet found your dream job? There's no need to stress, you can start repaying your government-guaranteed loan two years after you finish or even stop studying. In total, you have 10 years to repay the loan in full.

And if the transfer of your scholarship takes longer than expected but you already have expenses to pay, Banque Raiffeisen offers you an advance of € 3,000 at 0% interest!

Are you taking out your first student loan with the Bank?

When you sign your student loan, Raiffeisen offers you 1,000 OPERA points that you can exchange for cinema tickets, for example! If this is your loan application or advance on a student loan, you will also receive a gift voucher worth €150 to spend either at Letzshop, Cactus or to invest in the Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund, which aims to contribute to the reduction of poverty by supporting various organisations.


I apply for a government-guaranteed student loan 


Raiffeisen is committed to you

In addition to the government-guaranteed loan, Raiffeisen supports you throughout your studies and even beyond. With our free Green Code Study current account, you get a V-PAY debit card as well as one of our new sustainable VISA Classic or Basic cards that allow you to plant trees.

What do you mean, trees? That's right, with the new VISA cards you're helping us to fight against the negative effects of climate change. For every 200 transactions you make with your sustainable VISA credit card, the bank plants a tree in collaboration with Hëllef fir d'Natur from natur&emwëlt and Friendship Luxembourg.

Discover our commitment and the Green Code Study offer here