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Government-guaranteed student loan - The study grant for a university degree

High school graduation is done and you have made the decision to study. But how can you finance this next big step? Here are the aids available and how to apply for them.

Scholarships and loans allow students to complete higher education regardless of their parents, provided that they meet the relevant requirements.

Target groups for state support are full-time and part-time students who are enrolled in an officially recognized university degree program. The program must be completed with an academic degree, diploma, certificate or other certificate to certify successful completion.

The study loan can be divided into individual, cumulative scholarships and a low-interest loan. It is approved for one academic year and paid out in two partial payments (one in winter and one in summer).


Applying for student loans

Students have the opportunity to submit their application for a study loan by electronic means.

Attention when applying:

Be sure to keep the deadlines. All applications received after the deadline will be rejected.

  • Students enrolling in the winter semester must submit the full application (form and supporting documents) by November 30th at the latest.
  • Students enrolling in the summer semester must submit the full application (form and supporting documents) by April 30th at the latest.
  • Students who have already applied for a state loan and are still enrolled in the same study cycle will only need to complete the follow-up application.

The application for the study loan must be submitted every semester, even if the enrolment at the university is made for the whole year.




There are several types of scholarships:

  • Basic scholarship: granted to all eligible students. The amount is set at € 1,000 per semester;
  • Mobility scholarship: granted to students enrolled for higher education outside Luxembourg. The amount is set at € 1,225 per semester;

  • Scholarship based on social criteria: granted to students whose household income is below a certain amount. (more details can be found here)

  • Family scholarship: can be granted if one or more children of the same household are already receiving financial aid. The amount is set at € 500 per student.

The different categories of scholarships may be received concurrently.



The student loans


In addition to a scholarship, you can also apply for a state-guaranteed interest-reduced loan with an underlying value of € 3,250 per semester.

The repayment of the loan usually begins 2 years after graduation and should be completed after 10 years. Students experiencing difficulties in repaying the loan can request an extension or a dispensation from repayment.

Students are not obliged to take out a loan. They may be granted the scholarship without taking out a loan.

Use the Financial Aid Department online calculator to find out what state aids you can get.


Study loans by Banque Raiffeisen

In addition to the state study aid, Raiffeisen also offers the following 2 options *:

Whether you choose to take a government-guaranteed loan on your own or in conjunction with a Study PLUS loan, both options will allow you to repay the loan at the end of your studies.

*subject to acceptance of your application


Finance your studies with a student loan and benefit of the Green Code Study advantages: