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How much will my driving licence cost?

Adulthood beckons. As a sign of your new freedom, you will certainly want to get your driving licence. But how much will this new liberty cost and what financial aspects do you need to consider? 

To make an accurate calculation of the costs of a driving licence in advance is difficult. The price of a driving lesson can give you an indication. However in the end it really depends on how many driving lessons you need, and whether and how many times you have to re-take the tests. This in turn depends on the ability of the driver and his instructor.

Cost of a driving licence in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, a driving licence (category B) costs an average of about € 1,300 (provided the driver passes the tests at first attempt). A one-hour practical driving lesson costs around € 64. When failing the test, the driver must take at least 8 more hours of practical instruction. This will cost an extra € 513 on average, plus taxes and fees. All in all, costs can add up quickly.

The costs for a driving licence are composed of the following elements:

  • Theoretical training (minimum of 12 hours + 6 hours if the driver does not pass the test)
  • Driving lessons (minimum of 16 hours + 8 hours if the driver does not pass the test)
  • Practical test (costs of the driving instructor)
  • Taxes and fees


If a student fails either of the two tests, this will lead to additional costs. To help prevent this from happening, a good driving instructor is important. He will give you the individual help you need to make sure you are properly prepared for the driving test – and above all: for everyday life behind the wheel.

Another way to gain additional driving experience is through “accompanied driving”. After passing the theoretical exam and completing the practical basic training (consisting of 12 driving lessons with a driving instructor), you will be allowed to get extra practical experience. By driving with a friend or relative (usually a parent), you not only benefit from their tips, but also learn to act responsibly on the road.


Tips on finding the right driving school

  • Get a personal impression of the driving school.
  • Ask friends and other (former) learner drivers to tell you about their experiences. Besides gaining a general impression, this will also allow you to find out how much they paid.
  • Contact several driving schools and obtain an overview of the costs.

Based on a combination of personal impressions and costs, you will certainly find the right school for you.

Here is a list of all certified driving schools in Luxemburg.


To sum it up

The price of a one-hour driving lesson and a breakdown of the costs charged by the driving school should provide you with important information regarding the average cost of getting your driving licence. Nothing more. It is difficult to calculate an upper limit as it will depend on different aspects.

The chemistry between the learner driver and the driving instructor is important – as is their competence and empathy. Motivated learners need fewer driving lessons. Experience shows that this can significantly reduce the overall cost.

It is best to think about the budget early on and set up a savings account (with your parents) to start saving up for your driving licence or your car. That way, you will be fully prepared and able to enjoy your new-found freedom once you turn 18!


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