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New Year’s resolutions - our top 10

The New Year has already begun but you still lack inspiration for resolutions? Keep on reading, because in this article, we give you our top 10 resolutions, you will be able to keep.

Let me guess. You have made some New Year’s resolutions too for 2019? No? It's not too late yet. Here we give you our top 10 of (actually feasible) resolutions for 2019.

1. Use less plastic

Plastic has become one of the biggest environmental problems of our time. As a result, more than ever before, this year we were confronted with pictures of plastic garbage for example in the sea. However, it is easy to limit your plastic consumption. For example, take a reusable bag for shopping and refrain from using plastic bags. Another simple step: giving up using plastic bottles. Better: drink tap water and glass bottles. The tap water in Luxembourg is of good quality and can be drunk without hesitation. This will allow you not only to do you do something good for the environment, but also to save real money.


2. Save money

A classic. Many are planning to save in the New Year, but often fail because of their own behavior. A pair of shoes here, a new piece of furniture there, a regular dinner at the restaurant. Unfortunately, you quickly lose track of things. Set yourself concrete goals! For example, transfer a fixed amount to a savings account every month. Ideally, you do so via permanent bank transfer and at the beginning of the month. This trick will help a lot, because if the money is gone at the beginning of the month, you might not miss it at all.


3. More time for yourself

In everyday stress we often forget to think about ourselves. Therefore take a break regularly in 2019. For example, take time relaxing in the bathtub once a week, enjoy a cup of coffee with friends, or take a walk with your partner. Most of the time, a little break is enough to get back your energy and motivation in order to tackle your tasks.


4. Get in touch with old friends more often

You have known each other for years and experienced so much together. Unfortunately, you lost contact at some point. If you've thought of a specific person reading this, you should pick up the phone and call that person straight away. Because all too often we lose sight of our friends. Reconnecting is often difficult - either because you've built a new circle of friends, or simply because you're too proud to bury an old hatchet. Pull yourself together, pick up the phone and give your old friend a call.



5. Get an overview of and reduce spending

Only those who have an overview of their expenses can cut costs and save accordingly. For example, create a household book. Even if you only use it for a few months, you will quickly get an overview of your expenses. This allows you to identify potential savings and reduce expenses. Use a notebook, an Excel spreadsheet, or an app to do this.


6. Spend less time watching TV, computer or smartphone

Most of us cannot imagine living without digital media. Unfortunately, while being blocked behind a screen, we often miss what is happening around us. Therefore, every now and then, you should try to put away all devices and sit down with your counterpart. Talk, discuss or take a break for yourself and sink into thought or read a book. You will find that what happens around you is at least as exciting as the program on TV.


7. Throw away less food

Unfortunately, a problem of our time is that we often buy or cook too much food. Most of the leftovers then end up in the garbage can. To avoid a guilty conscience, plan your shopping and be realistic. Write down how much you threw away from a certain meal. Maybe you’ll be better at estimating the quantities when cooking next time. 


8. Secure yourself financially

In life, unforeseen things happen often. Protect yourself against possible setbacks in the New Year. Although it is not an issue that people like to think about, caution is often better than forbearance. For example, it's always a good idea to save about 3 months’ salary if you unexpectedly lose your job. But also think about insurance on outstanding balance for your real estate loan or provide for your future with a savings account.


9. Eat Seasonally

Nowadays we are a little spoiled when it comes to the selection of fresh products. Strawberries in winter? No problem! But if you try to eat seasonal and regional, you avoid long transport routes; you eat fresh and conscious and at the same time support your region.


10. Switch to a sustainable bank

Which service providers we work with is in our hands. Banks are no different. Inform yourself and change to a more sustainable bank if in doubt. Is your bank socially engaged, does it exercise social responsibility or are is it committed to protecting the environment?

From the outset, Raiffeisen Bank’s ambition was to offer high-quality products and services while forging strong, lasting relationships with all of its clients, partners and members. In doing so, Banque Raiffeisen endeavours to meet the requirements of its clients and their economic and social environment..


None of these resolutions is the right one for you? Get creative and think about how you, your family or society can do something good in 2019. How to make sure you keep your resolutions – read here.