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Annual donations by Banque Raiffeisen

Banque Raiffeisen and its members donate to seven charities

On the occasion of its annual donation, Banque Raiffeisen, as a cooperative bank active and engaged in the local market of Luxembourg, and its members support different Luxembourg associations. A total of seven associations received a donation, three of which received theirs by OPERA members.


It is within this context that Banque Raiffeisen has presented checks worth € 5,000 each to various non-profit associations, namely:

  • “Service de Rééducation Précoce a.s.b.l. “, a non-profit association that signed an agreement with the Ministry of Public Health that offers care to young children up to the age of 4 with suspected or confirmed disorders of their development.
  • “Nouvelle PNP a.s.b.l.” who has taken charge of the largest projects of the former NGO "Pro Niños Pobres" and which aims to help the poorest and most vulnerable populations, with a particular interest in the situation of children and their mothers.
  • "ELA Luxembourg a.s.b.l.“, which aims to help French and international research laboratories to better understand the mechanisms of leukodystrophies, to identify the genes that are responsible for it and to develop new therapeutic strategies to fight it.
  • “ALUPSE a.s.b.l.”, an association specialized in the prevention of child abuse and the promotion of parent-child relationship.

As a cooperative bank, Banque Raiffeisen offers its customers the opportunity to become a Raiffeisen member and thus benefit from OPERA benefits. The more a Raiffeisen member works with the bank the more OPERA points he collects. 

These OPERA points can be used among other things to pay the fee for payment cards or to build up savings, but also to make a donation to a charity.

This year the associations "Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner", an association that accompanies families of children with cancer or other rare, life-threatening diseases, "Fondation Lëtzebuerger Blannevereenegung", which aims to improve the fate of the blind and visually impaired as well as to defend their interests and "Blëtz", an association that aims to help people affected by a stroke, were chosen to receive a donation from the Raiffeisen members.

These associations were handed a check worth €  5,000 each on behalf of the Raiffeisen members at a reception organized at the Bank's headquarters in Leudelange.