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The Foyer Saint Antoine: A temporary home for asylum seekers

The Foyer Saint Antoine, home to many asylum seekers. Due to the non-decreasing demand, it was now expanded and financed with the help of Raiffeisen.

The Foyer Saint Antoine

2004 - on the Route d'Arlon in Luxembourg, the Foyer Saint Antoine is rebuilt as "Foyer pour demandeurs de protection international". Their task: to accept persons who have applied for international protection and to assist them in their integration into Luxembourg society and the labor market. As most of the refugees have a long and arduous journey behind them, their arrival should be made as easy as possible.

After spending the first few days in a reception center, refugees arrive in the foyer where they are looked after. Thanks to its proximity to the hospital and its specialized staff, the foyer accommodates mainly people with medical or psychological problems. It also offers unaccompanied minors a first safe home in Luxembourg.


The expansion

In its original form, the foyer can accommodate 85 people. With regard to the current situation, not enough to accommodate everyone (number of asylum applications in Luxembourg: 2017: 2 322, 2016: 2 035 and 2015: 2 447). This is why, the Congregation of the Franciscans of Mercy requested the extension of the foyer, thereby enabling the construction of an additional building. Over the past 13 months, the Foyer Saint Antoine has been expanded by another 87 places.

The primary objective is to enable young adults and families with children in Luxembourg to return to a calmer and more dignified life. While awaiting the completion of their admission procedure to obtain political refugee status, they should be prepared as effectively as possible for their life in Luxembourg, for example through language courses or vocational training.


Raiffeisen helps

Banque Raiffeisen supports this project as a lender and thus realizes its cooperative social responsibility.

As a cooperative bank, Banque Raiffeisen is not committed to profit maximization, but works exclusively in the interests of its members and customers.