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2019 The Hands of Innovation Award

For the 6th time, the "Hands of Innovation Award" will take place in Luxembourg. The Rotondes will host the awards ceremony on 5th December.

Promoting innovation nationwide

Since 2006, the aim of the Chambre des Métiers and its partners has been to encourage and reward innovation in craft businesses and to encourage entrepreneurs to adopt a strategy based on innovation in order to ensure their competitiveness both nationwide and on foreign markets. Recognised as a dynamic and fast-developing sector, craft can illustrate in 6 categories everything that innovation represents:

  • Product/Design
  • Service
  • Process/Manufacturing process
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Business/Organisation/Management
  • Digitalisation

As innovation is systematically an integral part of craft businesses, it allows such businesses to stand out from Luxembourg's economy thanks to their original and innovative nature.


The Hands of Innovation

Since 1926, Banque Raiffeisen has been committed to offering consulting, proximity and reliability to businesses. It goes without saying that Raiffeisen became the partner of "The Hands of Innovation” in order to support innovation and creativity within craft industries in the Grand Duchy. Mark Schronen, Manager of Banque Raiffeisen's Business Department, is himself member of the jury.


Wakotec Winner of the Grand Prix 2019

Wakotec wins the Grand Prix thanks to its innovative idea to conserve the cooling water needed in industrial processes in an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way.

Find out more about the winners of 2019.



Interview with Marc Schronen, Member of Banque Raiffeisen's Management and jury member of "The Hands of Innovation"


Why did Banque Raiffeisen decide to support this project?

"Banque Raiffeisen has been sponsoring the Hands of Innovation Award since 2017, simply because these businesses have represented one of our bank's key customer bases for over 90 years. We strive to ensure appropriate advice, while maintaining our role as a local bank.
This project also allows us to meet with business executives who are willing to share their innovative ideas and thus advance their company and industry sector while successfully facing regional, European or even global competition."


As a member of the jury, what does the prize for innovation represent for you?

"To me, the prize for innovation provides a national platform aimed at honouring our entrepreneurs’ professional and personal investment in order to ensure their development and sustainability. As a member of the jury, I am in a position where I can analyse innovative projects that can guide our business approach as well as observe the current market and predict its evolution and future needs. It also provides an excellent opportunity to work closely with the Chambre des métiers and other strategic players in the Luxembourg economy. Often based on innovative and exciting ideas, it is an honour for the Jury of the Hands of Innovation Award to showcase our Luxembourg finalists in the media and on stage at the Rotondes.”


How does Banque Raiffeisen support these businesses and entrepreneurs?

"Banque Raiffeisen's goal is not limited to supporting candidates or winners of the Innovation Award. We want to see how the Luxembourgish market is developing, what sectors have additional potential and what promising ideas we must support when it comes to craftsmanship.

Meeting many companies, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and supporting their development plays a significant part in our success. By listening to them, we can grasp their commercial development better and analyse with them all their professional issues and long-term strategic approaches so as to infer their financial needs. »


You come across many projects, do they inspire you in your professional life?

"Supporting our businesses in their development through our Business Department and Network of branches builds lasting relationships while offering multiple business opportunities.

Based on the success of these innovative ideas, I’ve found a real motivation to provide professional advice and support with the aim of moving forward hand in hand with our local businesses. We are proud of successful developments and of the business success stories that saw the light of day in partnership with our professional customers. »