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A world without hunger - everywhere and for all. This is the vision of SOS Faim. The NGO has been supported by Banque Raiffeisen for many years. Reason enough to have a little interview with them.

Could you introduce your association in a few words? 

SOS Faim is a development NGO that has been fighting against hunger and poverty by supporting sustainable family farming since 1993. 

Since the foundation of SOS faim, the world has changed and so have we. The fight against hunger in developing countries, through simple charitable projects, has not eradicated hunger that still affects 821 million people. But by working with producers in Africa, helping them to structure themselves in strong and independent organizations, by facilitating their access to adapted financing, we have contributed to strengthening the farming world while promoting sustainable family farming as the best way to eradicate hunger in the world.

We now support 20 local partners: farmers' organizations, microfinance institutions and advocacy movements, all of which help to boost the incomes of the farmers who make up the bulk of the sub-Saharan African population. A total of 900,000 people benefit from our support!


Tell us about your actions and initiatives in Luxembourg. 

Informing and mobilizing citizens in Luxembourg are complementing our actions in the South, with a target to transform our societies into a more just world that respects the right to good food for all. Our diet does not remain without consequences for the populations of the South nor for the environment. It is estimated that about a quarter of the environmental footprint of a Luxembourger is due to his eating habits. Eating better and wasting less can have a huge impact on the planet's resources on which the lives of all human beings depend. In this sense, our "Change Menu" campaign raises the awareness of the Luxembourg public to a responsible diet.


Banque Raiffeisen has been supporting SOS Faim for many years. How does this support affect your association? 

Since 2007, Banque Raiffeisen has generously supported SOS Faim and is one of the largest private institutional donors to the NGO. This financial partnership is complemented by regular joint communication actions. Each year, the Bank's Executive Committee and the NGO's Board of Directors meet to take a look at this long-term and very satisfying partnership. SOS Faim thanks the Bank for its valuable and faithful commitment to the benefit of farmers in Africa.


How can readers of this blog support you if they wish so?

Want to help SOS FAIM? Supporting SOS Faim means getting involved in an association that helps the rural populations of six African countries improve their food autonomy.

SOS FAIM needs everyone to continue its support to build a more just, equitable world. A world where every human being can live with dignity.

To make a donation: LU98 0090 0000 4800 0046


For more information on SOS FAIM, do not hesitate to contact Cécile, head of fundraising: cha@sosfaim.org +352 49 09 96 37